US Desk

Among the files with transnational aspects, the firm attaches particular importance to commercial relations with the United States and Canada.

In order to assist North American companies operating in Belgium, or seeking to establish themselves there, the lawyers of the US Desk are familiar with the North American business culture, but also with the habits and reflexes linked to Anglo-Saxon practice.

Three of our lawyers are members of the New York Bar.

The particular skills of the lawyers on the US Desk relate to the drafting of agreements in the areas of interest to most North American clients (distribution, agency and licensing agreements, mergers and acquisitions, corporate financing, the creation of companies, joint subsidiaries with shareholder agreements, start-ups, etc.) and to the management of litigation (giving preference to alternative dispute resolution wherever possible).

In managing cases, the firm works closely with clients and their North American lawyers. The collaboration with the latter is often essential to put in place the appropriate legal instruments.

The members of the US Desk also assist Belgian companies active in America, relying on an extensive network of law firms in which the appropriate expertise can be found in the relevant cities, states or provinces. The firm has no exclusive relationship with any North American law firm and can therefore advise clients solely on the basis of their interests. The firm’s participation in the GGI network ensures that the best legal and accounting specialists are available.


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