China Desk

The firm provides legal support for the management of innovation and the protection of intangible assets in China, thanks in particular to the field experience acquired by one of its members during several years in Shanghai.

The firm’s specialist lawyers assist their clients in all matters relating to the protection, exploitation and defence of their intangible assets in China. Their mission is to help innovative companies take advantage of the many opportunities that this market offers, while limiting the risks associated with it.

Their activities include advising clients on adapting and strengthening often incomplete Chinese rights portfolios, negotiating complex contracts, coordinating legal actions and providing strategic advice on how to approach this promising but challenging market.

The team’s values are flexibility, trust and transparency, as the firm has chosen not to have a permanent presence in China and to rely on an extensive network of carefully selected Chinese partners. The lawyers in the team know them personally, have developed a relationship of trust with them and meet with them regularly.

This approach offers great flexibility in the management of the firm’s clients’ cases and favours the setting up of efficient teams, adapted to the clients’ challenges and financial means.


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