Smiles and happy coffee for three DALDEWOLF partners

Non-exclusion from the working world work of people with Down’s syndrome or cognitive disorders such as autism is an aspect of the inclusive economy in which the law firm DALDEWOLF immediately recognized itself.

When DALDEWOLF was asked by Sophie de Beauregard and our colleague Frédéric Puel to provide unbilled legal assistance to the development of the project to open, in 2022, a café-restaurant in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert 2022 employing people excluded from the world of work because of their mental and cognitive disabilities, this call was heard by Dominique Bogaert, Frédéric Couvreur and Olivier Bertin. These three partners in the firm, respectively specialized in economic law, real estate law and tax law, have accompanied and donated their time in 2021 to the great team developing in Brussels this activity of catering and sale of coffee and tea under the name Café Joyeux (already widely spread in France).

The first Café Joyeux opened in Rennes (France) at the end of 2017, attracting the visit, two years later, of His Majesty King Albert II and his wife Queen Paola.

Café Joyeux’s ambition is to make disability visible and to encourage encounters, by offering jobs, in an ordinary environment, to people far from employment. Café Joyeux wants to be an ordinary company, with a profitable model, and intends to make the difference a strength. The profits, if any, will be used for the training of the employees and the creation of other Cafés Joyeux in Belgium.

Scheduled opening May 2022 – Café Joyeux, 32, rue Voot, 1200 Woluwe Saint Lambert

For more information about Café Joyeux : and Sophie de Beauregard or Frédéric Puel