Mediation: Patrick Van Leynseele will sign his book at Filigranes

Patrick Van Leynseele, pioneer in Belgium of mediation, and his co-authors Catherine Peulvé and Pierre Jung, both lawyers in Paris, will be presenting and signing their book Médiation commerciale Méthode | Stratégie | Outils at the Filigranes bookstore (Avenue des Arts, 39-42, 1040 Brussels) on Tuesday, September 13, from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.

They are all three experienced mediators in the field of corporate disputes, and will be accompanied by Paul Dhaeyer, President of the Francophone Business Court of Brussels, author of the afterword.

The subject of the book: A practical guide to learn how to manage conflicts in the business world. After presenting the legal and regulatory framework of commercial mediation in France and Belgium and describing the step-by-step method, the authors share 32 tools to help practitioners exercise their role in mediations.

Commentators have described the book as “an indispensable publication in a rapidly expanding sector“.

The publisher, Pearson, describes Patrick Van Leynseele as follows:

Patrick Van Leynseele is a lawyer, member of the Brussels and New York bars. Trained in mediation since 1996 in Canada, he is the pioneer of civil and commercial mediation in Belgium. He drafted the first law on mediation and many subsequent regulations. For the past 25 years, he has been an assiduous commentator on the evolution of alternative dispute resolution methods in legal journals. Some professional publications have called him the “pope” or “guru” of mediation. He frequently intervenes as a mediator in international disputes in which his knowledge of the subject matter and of different languages and cultures allow him to exercise his role as a neutral and independent third party with efficiency.