Real estate & Construction

DALDEWOLF has developed a solid experience in private and public construction projects (multi-purpose complexes, offices, housing, industrial buildings and facilities, etc.). It advises its clients at every stage of the project, from the preliminary design to delivery, as well as in the event of any complaints after acceptance. The firm assists developers, promoters, contractors, engineers and architects, purchasers and occupiers.

The firm advises its clients in the negotiation and execution of leases and other occupancy or related rights (emphyteusis, right to build, usufruct, concession). Its clients are owners, lessees, brands, etc. active in various sectors (offices, retail, warehouses, accommodation and hotels, etc.).

The firm assists its clients in structuring and financing their projects, seeking the most appropriate contractual framework. It takes into account all tax aspects, including VAT on new buildings. He is involved in real estate transactions involving various types of buildings. He represents investors, sellers and buyers.


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