Portrait de Guélord MOSAU MBOMBO, Avocat collaborateur - DALDEWOLF

Guélord Mosau Mbombo is a lawyer at the Bar of Kinshasa/Matete (Democratic Republic of Congo) (2018). He is an associate at DALDEWOLF.

Guélord practices business and public law in the Kinshasa office. He joined the legal profession after several years of professional experience in private Congolese companies and provincial public establishments in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Provincial Government of the Oriental Province), which allowed him to develop extensive experience in OHADA law, public procurement law and mining law. He also acts as interim legal secretary to multinational companies operating in the DRC.


  • OHADA law (commercial and company law, debt collection and enforcement)
  • Contract law
  • Labour law
  • Industrial and intellectual property law
  • Mining and hydrocarbons law
  • Public procurement and public-private partnership law


  • Member of the Kinshasa/Matete Bar
  • Certified contributor to the World Bank’s Doing Business program (2018 and 2019 editions)
  • President of the ASBL Performance Legal association regrouping business lawyers and company lawyers operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Project in progress)


  • Technical Training Certificate on the Problems of Management and Execution of Public Contracts in the Provinces, organised by BTC – MINAGRI and ARMP (2015)
  • Certificate of Advanced Training on the functional system of public procurement and control bodies in the Democratic Republic of Congo, organised by the World Bank and ARMP (2013)
  • Training certificate on the new system of procurement and control of public contracts in the Democratic Republic of Congo, organised by the World Bank and ARMP (2013)
  • Law degree, Protestant University in Congo (DRC) (2011)



  • “Doing Business in the Democratic Republic of Congo”, DALDEWOLF, collective book, 2020
  • « Passation et Contrôle des marchés Publics en Province : Analyse critique du système fonctionnel des structures des Marchés Publics de l’Ex-Province Orientale avant le démembrement territorial », Editions Universitaires Européennes (EUE), Sarrebruck, 2019 (100 p.)
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  • « Nouvelle législation congolaise sur le partenariat Public – Privé : Commentaires sur la Loi n°18/016 du 09 juillet 2018 relative au Partenariat- Public – privé en République démocratique du Congo », in LegiAfrica (legiafrica.com), Sept. 2018
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Conferences and seminars

  • Oct. 2019 : Conference of the Protestant University in Congo, Operational mining scheme in the Democratic Republic of Congo according to the new Mining Code of 2018 in DR Congo.