5th Congress of the UFHJ - Union francophone des huissiers de justice

The opening ceremony of the 5th Congress of the UFHJ - Union Francophone des Huissiers de Justice (the non-profit organisation gathering the French-speaking League of bailiffs) was held on Saturday, February 1st, 2020 at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel. The ceremony took place under the chairmanship of Georges-Albert DAL, former President of the Brussels Bar Association.

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Séminaires Executive Degrees 2020 | HEC - University de Liège

On 19 February 2020, Olivier BERTIN and Julien COLSON will give a presentation at the Executive Degrees 2020 Seminars of the HEC - University of Liège, starting at 6 pm.

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the OFFICI@L | January 2020 | #54

The 54th issue of The OFFICI@L, our legal newsletter on European civil service law, is now online and available at the following link. The newsletter is published by DALDEWOLF's European Union Law team, under the direction of Thierry BONTINCK and Anaïs GUILLERME.

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FEBRUARY 2020 - Dominique BOGAERT

Rethinking the general terms and conditions in the light of the new provisions of the Economic Law Code relating to unfair contract terms between businesses

The Act dated 4 April 2019 (amending the Economic Law Code with regard to abuse of the economic dependence, unfair contract terms and unfair market practices between businesses) introduces new provisions in the Economic Law Code aimed at ensuring a better balance between economic partners.

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