CHINA DESK | 中国业务部

We assist you in achieving success in China and Belgium.


CHINA DESK | 中国业务部

We assist you in achieving success in China and Belgium.

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The China Desk of DALDEWOLF provides legal support for projects, transactions, contracts, and disputes involving Belgian or Chinese parties. 达德中国事务部为涉及比利时或中国的项目、交易和合同提供法律支持



DALDEWOLF provides one-stop shop services to Chinese investors for their investments into Belgium:

  • entrance advice
  • structuring of investment
  • corporate set-up
  • FDI screening notification
  • commercial contracts
  • acquisition and joint venture
  • hire and fire
  • international mobility
  • tax optimization
  • real estate and construction law
  • litigation and arbitration
  • EU law

  • 投资咨询
  • 投资法律架构
  • 公司设立
  • 外国直接投资审查
  • 商业合同
  • 兼并、收购以及合资企业
  • 雇用和解雇
  • 国际人员流动
  • 税收优化
  • 房地产和建筑法
  • 诉讼和仲裁
  • 欧盟法律



DALDEWOLF works, on a non-exclusive basis, with reliable law firms in China and provide services to Belgian companies on :

  • corporate (set-up, investment advice)
  • foreign direct investment (WFOE, JV)
  • dispute resolution (arbitration)

  • 公司相关(设立、投资咨询)
  • 外商直接投资(外商独资企业、合资企业)
  • 争端解决(仲裁)
China Desk is lead by Xiufang (Ava) Tu; it relies on a team of in-house legal experts who can speak Mandarin, Dutch, French, English, German and Italian.

Furthermore, DALDEWOLF China Desk has close collaborations with law firms in China, and other China Desks of law firms in other European countries.

Lastly, DALDEWOLF China Desk is a member of the Association of Chinese Lawyers in Europe.