European Law and Competition

European law and competition law are constantly expanding and have a significant impact on businesses.

The team dedicated to these matters is composed of experienced lawyers with different backgrounds (economists, academic researchers and authority representatives). This multi-disciplinary approach is valued by clients and ensures that the services provided are both sophisticated and pragmatic.

Through its extensive network of professionals, the firm maintains close relationships with competition authorities and regulators. The firm thus ensures the protection of its clients’ interests at both national and European level. The team’s lawyers also regularly appear before the relevant national and international courts, such as the Court of Justice of the European Union.

The firm has a long-standing practice in competition law, in its various forms: merger control, antitrust and state aid. In addition, the team has extensive expertise in internal market law, public procurement contracts, grants and CFSP. We also have recognised experience in the field of European public service.

Merger control

The firm assists and represents clients before the European Commission and the Belgian Competition Authority in merger control cases. In this respect, the team’s lawyers draw up tailor-made commitments and propose pragmatic solutions to best protect strategic interests. In the context of complex mergers, the team’s advanced knowledge of economics allows it to conduct economic analyses and to interact easily with the clients’ economic advisors and operational managers as well as with the authorities.


The team advises and assists companies during all key phases of antitrust procedures (related to cartels, abuse of dominance, abuse of economic dependence and restrictive competition agreements), as well as during sectoral or market investigations initiated by the European Commission or the Belgian Competition Authority. The specialised team also acts in liability actions following damages caused by an anti-competitive practices, both before the Belgian and European Union courts.

State aid

The firm helps its clients to re-establish a “fair level playing field” when the conditions of competition are distorted as a result of public intervention. In this respect, our team acts before the European Commission or before national courts. We also act on behalf of clients in order to secure public funding and assist public authorities in structuring their intervention in the economy.

Internal market and regulated professions

Regulated professions (doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, auditors, accountants, pharmacists, veterinarians, etc.) and the professional associations and bodies representing them are directly influenced by the rules of the European internal market (freedom to provide services and freedom of establishment). The European Commission and the national competition authorities strictly monitor the correct application of these rules.

The firm advises representatives of the professions in their dealings with national and European authorities. We also assist companies and individuals in their dealings with professional bodies and associations and carry out audit and compliance assignments within various professional associations.

Public procurement contracts and grants

The firm assists stakeholders in the execution of or litigation concerning contracts subject to the European Financial Regulation.

In particular, we assist the parties concerned in the context of investigations or audits of projects financed by European or international donors, and of problems of irregular execution or recovery linked to these contracts, whether they are grants or public contracts.

Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)

The firm also has extensive experience in the field of common foreign and security policy. Our lawyers assist both individuals and legal entities in the context of restrictive measures imposed by the European Union. They are also familiar with legal issues relating to cooperation under the Lomé and Cotonou Agreements.

European and international civil service law

The firm has a practice dedicated to the European and international civil service. The specialised lawyers assist civil servants, employees, but also European agencies and international organisations, staff bodies and committees.