HackUtilities 2019

On 1-2 October 2019, our creative partners, Sari DEPREEUW and Carole MACZKOVICS, have teamed up with utilities specialists (water, electricity, telecom, gas industries), business analysts, developers and data specialists to think of new solutions, products and business models at the first HackUtilities – for which DALDEWOLF was a knowledge partner.

Our participation to this open innovation event confirmed our belief that lawyers have a useful and constructive role to play in ideation and in the creation and validation of the resulting products.

The experience has been rich from various angles, not least because of the interdisciplinary work (with business and technical specialists) and the interesting relationships that have been built. Is your company considering tackling new challenges with innovative services? We would be happy to cover the legal side starting from your first brainstorms.


Hack Utilities 2019 - Sari DEPREEUW & Carole MACZKOVICS | DALDEWOLF