Les grands arrêts de la jurisprudence fiscale

Date : 29/09/2020

The collective work "Les grands arrêts de la jurisprudence fiscale" was published on September 25, 2020 (Larcier, 637 pages). This book gathers the contributions of forty tax legal scholars. Olivier Bertin comments on a decision of the Belgian Court of Cassation of November 27, 2009 on the topic of "The Strict Interpretation of Tax Law".


the OFFICI@L | September 2020 | #59

Date : 23/09/2020

The 59th issue of the OFFICI@L, our legal newsletter on European civil service law, is now online and available at the following link.


ERA’s Summer Course on European Information Technology Law

Date : 14/09/2020

This week, Sari DEPREEUW, partner co-heading DALDEWOLF’s IP/Digital team, is teaching two classes on “data” at ERA’s Summer Course on European Information Technology Law.


Competition & sustainability: when restrictions on competition are accepted

Date : 09/09/2020

Operators active in the food sector may be willing to discuss and co-operate in order to attain sustainability goals. In some instances, such discussions and co-operations are likely to raise competition law problems, like exchange of strategic information. In its “Farm to Fork” initiative, the European Commission indicates that competition rules need to be clarified as regards sustainable actions taken in supply chains. EU measures should be adopted by the end of 2022. In the meantime, competition authorities are taken actions to enable competitors to reach sustainable co-operations.


Autonomy & AI: Who is using Who?

Date : 07/09/2020

Sari DEPREEUW partner DALDEWOLF, will be speaker at the conference "Autonomy & AI: Who is using Who?" which will be held on the occasion of the Ars Electronica festival.