Management of EU Grants – Legal and technical aspects

Date : 16/12/2019

Are you an EU Grant Beneficiary? On 15 January 2020 in Brussels, Anaïs GUILLERME, counsel DALDEWOLF and Raphaël de VIVANS, CEO at EFMC, will give a 1-Day seminar on how to manage EU Grants and European Commission audit procedure. This is a one-time unique opportunity to learn about the legal and technical aspects of the management of EU Grants and the EC auditing process.



Date : 10/12/2019

DALDEWOLF announces the promotion of Laure BERSOU, Laetitia DE SMET, Anaïs GUILLERME and Arnaud PIENS as counsels as of 1 December.


Editorial december 2019

Date : 04/12/2019

Modified almost annually, mobility taxation affects us all, regardless of the mode of transport we choose. Starting in 2020, there will be a change to the rules applying to company cars: deductions will be less advantageous. What will be the impact, given the concomitant drop in the corporate tax rate?


Auteursrecht in 2019: Nieuwe richtlijn, nieuwe uitdagingen

Date : 21/11/2019

Sari DEPREEUW will contribute on the “value gap” proposition in the new Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive at the Seminar "Auteursrecht in 2019: Nieuwe richtlijn, nieuwe uitdagingen” that will take place on 27 November 2019 (13:30 – 17:30 CET) at BECI (Brussels).


Au Bout du Jour – Aude MAHY

Date : 13/11/2019

What is food law? What circumstances have contributed to the development of Food law, navigating between consumer protection and the responsibilities resting on the shoulders of producers, distributors and traders? Aude MAHY, partner at DALDEWOLF, was recently a guest on Eddy CAEKELBERGHS’ show “Au Bout du Jour” broadcasted on the radio “La Première” (RTBF).


Job Days 2019

Date : 07/11/2019

DALDEWOLF will be present at the Job Fair 2019 taking place at the following universities: UGent, VUB, ULB, UCL and ULiège. These days provide tremendous opportunities for students to take their first steps in the working world as well as to meet our lawyers, who will be delighted to welcome them and discuss their future prospects. We hope to see you there!


Belgian Economic Mission to the People’s Republic of China

Date : 06/11/2019

The CHINA Desk by DALDEWOLF will participate to the Belgian Economic Mission to the People’s Republic of China, from November 17 until November 21, 2019. Valentin de le COURT, IP Partner and head of China Desk, and Marc DAL Partner and CEPANI board member, will participate to the mission, which will be led by HRH Princess Astrid.


Editorial November 2019

Date : 04/11/2019

Since 2018, the practice of a liberal profession (as a natural person or a moral person) is an undertaking like any other, and thus subject to insolvency law.   Concretely, the liberal profession practitioner may therefore be declared bankrupt, summoned to appear before the Chamber of Companies in Difficulty or seek protection under the judicial reorganisation procedure.  


HackUtilities 2019

Date : 10/10/2019

On 1-2 October 2019, our creative partners, Sari DEPREEUW and Carole MACZKOVICS, have teamed up with utilities specialists (water, electricity, telecom, gas industries), business analysts, developers and data specialists to think of new solutions, products and business models at the first HackUtilities – for which DALDEWOLF was a knowledge partner.


Editorial october 2019

Date : 10/10/2019

On 21 September 2019, a paper, already accepted by Nature, a top-tier scientific journal revealed that Google had achieved “quantum supremacy”. Using a quantum computer, researchers at Google had carried out a calculation over three minutes that would take Summit, the world’s current-best classical supercomputer, 10,000 years to execute. By way of background, the earliest known attempts at agriculture emerged in Mesopotamia 10,000 years ago… Moreover, new artificial-intelligence programs and financial machines are also writing their own investing rules, in ways their human creators only part