Breakfast at Stefany's: Trade Secrets protection in Belgium and China: recent evolutions

Date : 20/04/2021

Time : 10h00 > 11h00

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Topic: Trade Secrets protection in Belgium and China: recent evolutions

Speakers: Valentin de le COURT & Yingcong XU


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In our current globalized and hyper-competitive market, trade secrets are playing a key role in the protection of a company’s business knowledge and competitive advantage. Literally all innovative businesses, whatever their size, sector or activity, use confidentiality as a competitiveness and innovation management tool. This has led legislators around the globe to strengthen their trade secrets protection regimes, including in the EU and in China. 
In this Breakfast at Stefany’s, Valentin de le COURT (DALDEWOLF - BE) will team up with Yingcong XU (WATSON & BAND - CN) to review some recent evolutions in the current Belgian and Chinese trade secrets legal landscapes. They will highlight differences and similarities between the two regimes, present some emerging case law, and identify a set of practical steps companies should take to best protect and enforce their trade secrets in China.

Speaker's biography:

Valentin de le COURT co-heads DALDEWOLF’s IP/Digital team and focuses his practice on patent law, trade secrets protection strategies and litigation, open innovation, and China related IP strategies. He used to live and work in China and is a China IP SME Helpdesk expert since 2012.
Yingcong XU is a Senior Patent Attorney and deputy general manager of Watson & Band, one of China’s oldest and most prominent law firm with a well-known intellectual property practice. Mr Xu’s practice covers all aspects of Chinese patent prosecution and enforcement. He regularly assists his clients with their trade secrets matters in China.



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