Breakfast at Stefany's: The usufruct- bare property schemes: still interesting?

Date : 17/11/2020

Time : 10h00 > 11h00

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Breakfast at Stefany's: Webinar

Topic: The usufruct-bare property schemes: still interesting?

This Breakfast at Stefany's will be held in French

Speakers: Olivier BERTIN & Julien COLSON


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Usufruct-bare ownership arrangements have been very successful, given the benefits they bring.
But the tax authorities are watching: precautionary measures must be taken to prevent unpleasant surprises. The courts and tribunals are seized of numerous adjustments.
These precautions must be taken at the stage of the usufruct's establishment, during its term, and upon its extinction.
Alongside the “controller” tax authorities, there is however also the “constructive” tax authorities: the Office for advance Tax rulings bring forward numerous rulings on these arrangements and validates them subject to certain conditions. Must we necessarily follow their case law?
In addition, the Civil Code will soon modify the rules of the usufruct: what are the tax consequences?
The presentation will be action-oriented and will aim to examine the different aspects of a concrete case.


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