Breakfast at Stefany's by DALDEWOLF: Food law & trade secrets

Date : 28/04/2020

Time : 10:00 - 11:00

Webinar : Breakfast at Stefany's

Thema: Food law & trade secrets

Sprekers: Aude MAHY & Valentin de le COURT

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Food law is a sector that is particularly vulnerable in terms of transparency towards the general public. The food law-landscape has recently undergone major regulatory reforms aimed at providing more information to the general public.
This raises broader questions with regard to the protection of trade secrets.
What information can - or should - the authorities communicate to the general public when applying for a marketing authorisation, following a health check or in the event of a food crisis? What is a trade secret and how can it be protected?
This seminar is intended to help you understand both the scope and limits of your rights in this controversial area.


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