Sari Depreeuw

Sari Depreeuw graduated from the law faculties at Université de Namur (1999) and KULeuven (2002). She holds a Master degree in Intellectual Property from KUBrussel (now KULeuven) (2006) and a PhD degree from Vrije Universiteit Brussel (2011). She is a member of the Brussels bar since 2002.

Sari Depreeuw works mainly in the field of intellectual property law (with a focus on copyright) and IT law (in litigation, legal advice and contracts).

In addition she teaches intellectual property law  and media law at Université Saint Louis and she is affiliated to the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (research group LSTS).

She has published several articles on Belgian, European and international copyright. She contributed to a study commissioned by the European Commission preparing the current copyright reform (including a chapter on cable retransmissions).




IT/IP, Copyright, New technologies



Her most recent publications include:

  • S. DEPREEUW, “The right of ‘communication to the public’ in the European Union” (with F. BRISON) in P. TORREMANS (ed.), Research Handbook On Copyright Law, Edward Elgar Publishing, [forthcoming], 96-134.
  • S. DEPREEUW, (Comment on the Belgian provisions regarding sui generis database rights) in F. BRISON & H. VANHEES, Hommage à Jan Corbet : la loi belge sur le droit d'auteur : commentaire par article, Larcier, [forthcoming].
  • S. DEPREEUW, "Digitaal navigeren in een juridisch mijnenveld”, Computerrecht 2017/2, 59-61.
  • S. DEPREEUW and Ch. PONSART, « La conformité au nouveau Règlement européen de protection des données et les outils de démonstration de conformité », Data protection : L’impact du GDPR en assurance, Waterloo, Wolters Kluwer, Bull. Ass.- De Verz., 2017, n°22, pp. 261-289. 
  • S. DEPREEUW, "Rafael Hoteles bevestigd in REHA: secundaire mededelingen in?hotels, cafés, kuuroorden en revalidatiecentra (maar niet bij de tandarts)”, IRDI 2016/3, 220-228.
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  • TRIAILLE, J., DUSOLLIER, S., DEPREEUW, S., HUBIN, J., DE FRANCQUEN, A., "Preliminary studies to the future EU Copyright review: about (some) exclusive rights and (some) exceptions”, AM 2015(2) 147-157
  • F. BRISON & S. DEPREEUW, "Het recht van mededeling aan het publiek" in J. CABAY, V. DELFORGE, V. FOSSOUL & M. LAMBRECHT (eds.), 20 ans de nouveau droit d’auteur - 20 jaar nieuw auteursrecht, Limal, Anthemis, 2015, 69-117 (chapter on the right of communication to the public)
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  • S. DEPREEUW, "Internet browsing dan toch zonder toestemming van de auteur (noot onder het Meltwater arrest)”, A&M 2015, 170-173 
  • S. DEPREEUW, The Variable Scope of the Exclusive Economic Rights in Copyright, Kluwer Law International, 2014, 584 p.
  • S. DEPREEUW & J.-B. HUBIN, "Of availability, targeting and accessibility: online copyright infringements and jurisdiction in the EU”, Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, 2014, 9 (9): 750-764,
  • F. BRISON & S. DEPREEUW, "Exclusiviteit op basis van intellectuele rechten” (exclusivity based on intellectual property rights) in R. FELDKAMP, E. JANSSENS, J. LEMMENS, Ondernemingscontracten (Business contracts), 2013, 231-258.
  • S. DEPREEUW, "De uitzondering voor "tijdelijke technische reproductiehandelingen” na Infopaq I en II en Premier League” (the exception for technical, temporary acts of reproduction after Infopaq I and II and Premier League), A&M 2013, 76-85.
  • S. DEPREEUW, (Comment of the Belgian Copyright and Database Acts) in F. BRISON, M.-C. JANSSENS & H. VANHEES (ed), Wet & Duiding Intellectuele Rechten, Larcier, 2012. 


She is a co-author of different studies: 



  • Moderator at EDPS-Civil Society Summit 2018 (sessions on (i) Challenges to GDPR implementation: individual and collective redress and (ii) Monitoring illegal content online: notice-and-action procedures), Privacy Camp, Brussels, 2018,
  • Auteursrecht in de audiovisuele sector. Resultaten van de studie naar juridische en economische aspecten (with O. Braet), Overlegcomité audiovisuele sector, FOD Economie, 15 December 2017
  • “Data, profiling & GDPR”, The Impact of FinTech, FinTech Belgium Summit Brussels 2017, 14 December 2017
  • “Evolving intellectual property rights in the digital economy:  On data ownership, text and data mining” (with A. Strowel), Conférence des économistes, ULB, Brussels, 30 November 2017
  • “Auteursrecht in de audiovisuele sector. Resultaten van de studie naar juridische en economische aspecten”, Seminarie Auteursrecht - Recente ontwikkelingen in de Belgische en Europese wetgeving (organized by FOD Economie), Brussels, 10 November 2017
  • “Navigating the legal minefield.  How to make contractual sense of regulation in the digital economy?”, Data and software: how open is the future, IOF-TTO event (VUB), Brussels, 17 October 2017
  • “Computer says no – profiling under the GDPR”, Meetup Fin Tech, 14 September 2017
  • “Protection of personal data – preparing for the GDPR”, Annual conference on EU law in the insurance sector 2017, ERA Trier, May 2017
  • “La protection des données à caractère personnel”, IFE, 30 March 2017