Raphaël Gevers

Raphael Gevers specializes in bankruptcy and reorganization, company restructuring and composition procedures.

He assists clients in any restructuring with the aim of optimizing the survival of their companies.

Raphaël is a visiting lecturer at UCL Mons (Université Catholique de Louvain - Mons). He teaches bankruptcy and composition procedures.

Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of the clients' sectors, Raphael provides relevant services in terms of reorganization (equivalent to the US chapter 11) or formal insolvency procedures.

Raphaël has been working on the judicial reorganization of many companies (active in different fields, e.g. construction industry, computer science, catering, culture).

Raphaël also advises clients facing debtors who are in a reorganization process in order to ensure faster and more efficient recovery.

As a former trustee associate, Raphaël advises clients in bankruptcy proceedings, whether the clients are creditors or bankrupt entities.

He also represents clients in their legal proceedings, including debt recovery.



Commercial law (including debt recovery), Bankruptcy, insolvency and reorganization