Dominique Bogaert

Dominique was admitted at the Brussels bar in April 1988.

She graduated from the Université Libre ed Bruxelles and holds a special degree in European Law from the Institute of the European Studies of the ULB.

Dominique advises and handles litigation cases related to commercial contracts. She has expertise in commercial intermediation, amongst others (concession contracts, agency contracts, franchising contracts and commission contracts). She regularly handles issues concerning the financing of projects by public entities, and to public markets.

She also specialized in the assistance of non-profit organizations (NPOs, international NPOs and foundations)

Her knowledge of the Italian language enables her to assist Italian companies in the fulfillment of their projects or the management of their litigation in Belgium as well as assisting Italian and Belgian companies.



Commercial lawEuropean, Distribution LawAdministrative and Public procurementItalian Desk, Nonprofit organizations, Product liability, Civil law and liability 


Publications and conferences


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