Anaïs Guillerme

Anaïs Guillerme graduated in law from the University of Rennes I (France) in 2010 and holds a Masters degree in WTO and European Union law.

Member of the Paris Bar and of the Brussels bar (E list), Anaïs Guillerme mainly works in the field of European Union law.

She has especially developed an expertise regarding legal management of EU Grants (audit, OLAF inquiries, recovery process), EU public procurement and in the field of European and international civil service law.

In this respect, she assists and represents clients at prelitigation phase and before the European and national courts.

Anaïs regularly publishes articles on EU law subjects and contributes to conferences in her chosen fields.



European law, competition, distribution andmarket practicesEU Grants, EU Public procurements, European and international Civil service law


Recent publications

  • To be published: T. BONTINCK et A. GUILLERME, «Arrêt Janssen Cilag SAS c. France: l’encadrement des «perquisitions concurrence» par la Cour européenne des droits de l’homme, un goût d’inachevé, RTDH, en attente de publication.
  • A. GUILLERME, "Are you a beneficiary of an EU grant? Here are your rights in case of audit”, FAIB News n°108.
  • A. GUILLERME, "L’affaire des visas humanitaires pour une famille syrienne: pas d’application de la Charte des droits fondamentaux de l’Union européenne», Larcier, JT, 3 juin 2017, p.403-407.
  • T. BONTINCK et A. GUILLERME, «Le régime disciplinaire de la fonction publique européenne», in Actualités du droit disciplinaire, Larcier, CUP, volume 167, 2016, p.47.
  • T. BONTINCK et A. GUILLERME, «L’encadrement timide des perquisitions concurrence par la Cour européenne des droits de l’homme», RTDH, n°105/2016, p.261.
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